Recent Minutes

Minutes 2016-03-16 (Term 2 Week 10)

Present: tanski, jai, kirby, dixon, rhiba, mcnutty, marmite

  • David: Buy
  • Collabative charity event (Meningitis Research Foundation).
  • - Early term 3, on a Friday, before gaming, week 2 / 3, 8pm-10pm?
  • - Big screen Smash tournament. £5 tournament for charity (too high?).
  • - Ask for the screen for free otherwise Compsoc will eat it.
  • - Advertising through Chapilancy screens, posters, etc.
  • - Reserve the balcony of the Terrace Bar.
  • Jai: book big screen soon for times above
  • Alex: Add event for Laserquest
  • Inform Nintendo Soc we need their controllers
  • SSL Cert for has expired – buy one for now to carry us over and
figure out LetsEncrypt.
  • wher were u when estridge was kill?
  • Fix mail! But do coursework first.
  • SU Funding. Needs to be something for more than 1 year, another server, Xbox
One or any other ideas? “Ask for a lot, see if we get a little bit”.
  • Ask for a Vive, swing it in the programming direction instead of gaming. Do
the same for wearables?
  • Jai was approached by DotaSoc and LeaugeSoc for a collabartive eSports thing.
We will join them if they organise it.
  • Rhinnanon is setting up clothing for Week 1 Term 3.
  • kirby: Set up a Doodle for exec meeting times Term 3.

Kirby’s Khronicle: How do I do sub-bullets?


Minutes 2016-03-09 (Term 2 Week 9)

  • All: Update contact page
  • CompSoc Tarp. “Current CompSoc Tarp is a roll of bubblewrap”. Buy one and
we’ll refund.
  • Need to send out emails for Week 10 Laserquest.
  • rayhaan or David: Someone set up email please.
  • End-of-term handover meal: After Laserquest?
  • Phillammon or Jai: Big screen?
  • rhiba: Vertical banner
  • Clothing order: Rhinnanon plans to sort out over Easter for start of Term 3.
  • Jai: Check your emails

Kirby’s Kronicle: ayy lmao


Minutes 2016-03-02 (Term 2 Week 8)

  • Person is making app for asking favours of others, Uber style. Launched at
Warwick. “Looking for people to take on the project”. Recommended he goes to the Facebook pages. He mentioned a potential hackathon.
  • Rhiannon will get cleaning supplies (apparently)
  • LAN Rota is done
  • Pusher do hackathons, mcnutty met them at PHP UK.


Last minutes before AGM!

-LAN rota is up!
-We got told the tale of Maddy flirting with Marmite in second year, it was great.


Minutes Week 4

-Phillammon has sent emails to warwick big screen and eben from rPi.
-Phillammon is about to do gaming survey – make it a web link.
-Rayhaan will send survey once its written.
-Rayhaan: get LAN trolley.
-LAN rota is filled.
-External people need to go through the SU pls.
-Rhiba buy cleaning stuff.
-We have enough duck tape \o/
-New music server works with names.
-Need to organise Will and Alex nandos.
-In next email, advertise AGM. (and facebook)
-Rhiba: create AGM event.
-Room: B2.01 (Sci Conc) Date(s): Wednesday, 24/02/2016 Time: 17:00-20:00
-Rhiba: Clothing order! Go through that website. (alice and will know)
-Rayhaan: Fix admin CSS.
-Shift stuff off estridge! We shouldn’t use it.
-We really need to fix mail.
-Hearthstone is FINE, if it crashes, close and reopen like you would any other program.
-Nandos is awesome.


Minutes 27/01/16

Present: mcnutty, phillammon, rayhaan, marmite, hermit and tankski

-Lanrota is in progress, rhiba and maddy should sign up for slots
-LAN to be advertised in newsletter and on facebook
-need trolley this time, try not to get equipment rained on
-no progress on big screen gaming
-rhiba will book a room for AGM during week 7 or 8. Running just on the day should be fine

Action overflow

(it’s back baby!)
-phillammon to remember to progress big screen gaming
-rhiba to send newsletter with LAN in it, sign up for LAN slots, book AGM room
-rayhaan to ask for trolley for LAN
-hermit to post LAN on facebook
-maddy to sign up for LAN slots



Phillammon, rhiba, hermit, ness and mcnutty present.

-Migration to Nodd is done! (Alex owes Will a Nandos.)
-rhiba: Look into online voting.
-Need to plan AGM: suggest week 8 at LAN. Do handover in term 3 instead.
-Phillammon needs the list of things to buy from Maddy.
-Phillammon needs to get gaming survey template and do it.
-Phoach under new management – is this a possibility now? Refurb done by end of February.
-people want to have names on the music server. Will: do this.
-anime kareoke at gaming and LANs!
-big screen gaming at end of term. phillammon: do this.
-talks! Phillammon: do this.
-Alice: “Ive spawned with a really big penis.”
-Competions at LAN: maybe starwhal? samari gun, nidhogg, mount your friends, jackbox

Congratulations on the successful meeting guys. WE GOT STUFF DONE.

Also, its penguin awareness day.


13/01/2016 Minutes

-Talked about migration, Will is doing Apache and Gallera, Rayhaan is almost done with Unreal IRC, and ports are now open!
-Need to schedule AGM so it doesn’t conflict with Game Design.
-Phillammon: organise a big screen gaming event at the end of term.



got trolley
susan miller is upset at our spelling mistakes from 2005
lanrota – sign up!
rhiba – put up minutes
marmite – get christmas tree! + lights
got tape
phillammon: sign up for lan
veltas not making talk anymore
wingwah! animesoc will book, but set up an event
secret santa signups! close a week before
all exec: turn up for goddamn meeting next week especially



-Is Veltas making a talk?
-Did Rhiba get cleaning suplies?

*mcnutty to track down where the hell our £100 of duct tape went
-Nodd migration will be next Wednesday assuming nothing catches fire and it really was just a faulty power cable *someone to email people with hosting about recent downtime
-could make *mcnutty to email Jackie about the talk tomorrow *rhiba to add next LAN to the newsletter *hermit to post about next LAN to facebook *metalgabu to make sure that someone is at gaming on Friday *phillammon to do the gaming survey *mcnutty to grow a beard *rhiba to get roger to add hermit to the card access list (1306379)