Recent Minutes


-Is Veltas making a talk?
-Did Rhiba get cleaning suplies?

*mcnutty to track down where the hell our £100 of duct tape went
-Nodd migration will be next Wednesday assuming nothing catches fire and it really was just a faulty power cable *someone to email people with hosting about recent downtime
-could make *mcnutty to email Jackie about the talk tomorrow *rhiba to add next LAN to the newsletter *hermit to post about next LAN to facebook *metalgabu to make sure that someone is at gaming on Friday *phillammon to do the gaming survey *mcnutty to grow a beard *rhiba to get roger to add hermit to the card access list (1306379)


Minutes 27/10/15



Minutes 27/10/15

-Codd is being migrated to Nodd soon (not determined yet). We will move over IRC and have both IRCs running simultaneously for a while and give people many reminders to switch before we finally kill Codd.
-Need to do a gaming survey at some point.
-Put a description of the tables in the LAN description.
-Email Jackie about the Simon Tatham talk, to broadcast it.
-Pizza at the talk! Just buy 4 or 5 large ones.
-Need to ask Roger for the LAN trolley.
-LAN Tournament! Something scary? Hearthstone? Phillammon decides.
-Chris wants to give a talk in week 9 on Monday.


-Halloween decorations (if you want)


-Make a talk for Monday week 9.


-Get cleaning supplies for LAN.



-Need to email Varsity about discount.
-Nodd migration waiting on LDAP
-Want to buy Rocket League on PS4
-Will is going through rocket stuff with Warwick Rockets – no action here yet.
-Set up LAN at 5pm, start 6pm


-Buy rocket league for ps4 (eventually)


Minutes 14/10/15

-We get 10% off at Varsity!
-We are remaking irc at some point when Nodd migration is complete.
-Need to send out an information message before irc goes down.
-We want Rocket League on PS4.
-Talk to Warwick student cinema about streaming our charity event, with League Soc, Dota Soc, Nintendo Soc (?) and Game design.
-The charity could be a Games to Hospitals charity or similar.
-Need to talk with all society exec.
-Exec meeting is now Tuesday 2-3pm.


Talk to student cinema (friend).


Set up multi exec chat.

phillammon & kirby

-Fill in doodle!


Minutes 07/10/15

-Need gaming keys cut.
-Gaming will be in 006.
-Consoles are in the LAN cupboard.
-Looking into hanging the banner in DCS somewhere. Matt and Roger say this is fine, just need to do it.
-IBM is week 7 wednesday.
-Bletchley is week 3 saturday. Look into train times.
-Will and Rhiba are getting mini bus licences!
-Newsletter after freshers fair.
-Email to DCS with compsoc info on it. Jackie? – Shell talk, Will is talking to Mike Joy.
-Look at other computing society sponsors and follow them.
-No Phillammon speeches at first gaming (<3).
-Collaberate on talks with game design.
-We got 16 new servers…
-Look into multiple SSL certs for each society we host.
-Phillammon and Kirby going to I <3 Consent workshops.
-Need to rethink meeting time.


-Train times for Bletchley.


-Get keys cut.
-More talks.
-I <3 Consent workshop.


-I <3 Consent workshop.


-Talk to Mike Joy about shell talk.


-Make doodle for exec meeting times.


Minutes - 17/06/2015

-Gokarting moved to 3pm pickup due to a lack of available slots, everyone affected knows
-Trubydoor asked if the WGD 48hr could be held at BFL because WGD had their booking revoked (after it was confirmed) because there was an open day. It was mentioned that there might not be room in Lib2, but at the time of the meeting there were still >50% of the seats still available. Even accounting for last minute sign ups on the day this is unlikely to cause an issue.
-BFL was only booked from 3pm due to legacy reasons. Hermit booked the room from 9am so we can set up at 10.
-DCS have a list of names for the open day (CS exec + {dixonary, trubydoor, someone else?})
-Big Screen are currently being educated about Mondays by Phillammon (email bounced because they didn’t know which Monday we were on about). Hopefully we can get a booking sorted for Mon/Tues/Weds next week.
-mcnutty and mistermarmite have sorted out sponsorship correspondence which will be going out over the coming week to anywhere which has an email or postal address.
-Ballooning is mostly going to plan. Radio and GSM are yet to be working, and there seem to be problems with the camera. Rhiba can no longer make the launch at the end of the week, so we have the option of postponing to wk10 or early next term.
-hermit will modify the posters as agreed last week


Minutes - 10th June 2015

Marmite’s Musings: I’m on 2 hours sleep and have an exam tomorrow. Stop expecting wittiness from me you vultures.
Wordart is underused.

Marmite’s skeleton notes, to be fleshed out later when he’s less braindead:

-More detail on discussion, clearer conclusions in minutes
-Gokarting money collection, should be doable manually, aim to finish by friday gaming
-BFL: newsletter for signups, plan out events/tournys, get hands on controllers, rota to come
-Open day: something informative & engaging (wordart! explosions! – hermit), something interesting but broad on academic side (web hosting package with database access, not shell stuff as is current)
-Marmite and mcnutty to meet monday 15th
-Rockets planned to have all components running by tuesday 16th for a weekend launch
-Lemon will let department know about open day volunteers (basically various execs)
-Ask DCS to be mentioned in freshers’ communications
-Get posters, flyers all printed and paid for


Minutes - 03/06/2015

ITS payment is done
Big screen for BFL not yet done
Rockets meeting is/was straight after this one
Phillammon will contact Vlambeer and Extra Credits to ask for a skype talk/Q&A
mcnutty will organise those academic talks he said he would and finalise IBM visit
CRT has taken up residence next to the cupboard
Open day is Friday week 9 – should tell DCS we’ll pack up early, names and fun things to demo not yet finalised
-Slideshow of stuff we do?
-Classroom Aquatic hooked up to the rift?
Should ask DCS if we can be mentioned in freshers communications (can postpone for now)
mcnutty and marmite need to get together… and organise sponsorship


Minutes - 27/05/2015

-Splatoon: ordered, should arrive on Friday

-ITS: payment in the works! big screen wk10 not weds/thurs

-Rockets: W to organise meeting next week stabalisation

-Gaming: it’s dead Jim! (xbox) buy xbone at the start of next year? maybe xbox guy can get us a discount?

-Freshers: amend hosting poster printing before the end of term

-Open day: get names from rhiba (if any)

-I love CRTs!: gonna stick a CRT in the gaming cupboard