News items from May 2004

Compsoc Social: Cinema

That’s right we’re off to the cinema again! It will be at the Odeon in the Coventry Skydome on Sunday the 30th of May for a relaxing trip (and exam break) to see “The Day After Tomorrow” I hope to see you all there for what could be an interesting film. More details here: NeXuS7.


CompSoc Forums

We now have our own forums at All are welcome to join, whether members or not, so feel free to go and use them, poke them, generally explore. Any glitches/requests should go to the tech team, and we’ll get it sorted. They’re very much experimental at the moment, we’re still ironing things out, so go find the bugs for us!

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Members' Website URLs

If you have a website hosted here as, it is now accessible as and you should check that it works under this new URL, because within the next day or so, we plan to redirect all requests for the first kind of URL to the second. Note, anything that was already accessible under a URL without a ~ in it (i.e. anything with a virtual host) should be completely unaffected. If you would like any help with anything related to this or any other issue with our servers, feel free to drop into #tech on IRC, or mail the technical team.


Compsoc Social: Cinema!

This saturday the 15th, compsoc will be going to the Coventry Skydome to see Van Helsing at 6.15pm. Please signup on our events page if you wish to come and email the exec if you require a lift. I look forward to seeing you there. NeXuS7



A very minor change has been made by the technical team to the configuration of PHP on molotov. If you notice anything peculiar happening with your PHP scripts, please contact the TechTeam



We have finally got word back from the sparkies, we can now run a 40 person LAN in H058 and 0.60, signups are open people, come and get em.