CS Results

Posted on 15th March 2003, Categories: News Item

Well for those unaware the results of our CS fun last night were:

* Fade enjoyed setting evil gravity that killed you if you walked down a ramp!

* Past and future presidents engaged in furious bidding wars for the right to decide map settings.

* Draconas became the mad auctioneer at brief periods as the admin bribes escalated to ridiculous levels.

* Sadiq proved to be the master at "death from above" with a submachine gun.

* Some society members grudgingly admitted that CS is actually a good game

Oh yeah almost forgot: we raised £102.93 for Comic Relief, Well done everybody :)
Thanks to all those who turned out to help set everything up and organise as well as providing their own special brand of refreshments (I still can't work my jaw properly).
See you all next term.

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