Exec Minutes 26-10-2009

Posted on 26th October 2009, Categories: Meeting Minutes

h2. Present

Mogmiester, Estel, Sinjo, dangerman, monk, mulletron, azurit, Connorhd, zed0, Trip, pepper, Spooky_Rach

h2. Minutes

h3. Fliers

Trip will make the order tomorrow for 500 fliers from the union printers

*Action*: Trip to order fliers

h3. Mogmiester's Absence

Mogmiester is leaving for a week, and so needs people to stand in for him. It was agreed Connorhd would do the newsletter, Monk would do the agenda and Trip write the minutes

*Action*: Connorhd to send out a newsletter Sunday evening
*Action*: Monk to email discuss and have an agenda for next Monday
*Action*: Trip to write minutes and then put them on the website next Monday

h3. LAN stuff

Due to lack of rooms booked, a late first LAN and clashes with the CompSoc Christmas meal, there will not be a second LAN this term.

h3. Room Bookings

The talks will continue to be held in S0.10 for the rest of the term. The entire block from week 6-10 will be booked and bookings will be emailed if we do not need the room that week

*Action*: Mogmiester to book the S0.10 for the remainder of the term and cancel any that are not needed

h3. Talks

Monk wants to do workshops after the talks have ended for hands on experience. The talks will need to be advertised on DCS notice boards.

*Action*: Connorhd to talk to the reception to get the talk on the board
*Action*: Mulletron will talk to Steve Matthews about the Python talk in week 5

h3. Gaming

Due to noise complaints and lack of monitors, the Xbox360s will be set up in the adjacent room. Rockband has been put in the cupboard so Estel doesn't need to look after it anymore. We have also room out of cleaning supplies.

*Action*: Azurit to get cleaning supplies

h3. SSE Training

Two of the exec will have to do this. Monk will link the information in #exec after the meeting

h3. Risk Assessment Form

Monk will print it off after the exec meeting and fill it in

h3. Christmas Social

The function room in Wing Wahs fits 30 people in it at capacity. Pepper will phone them and see how more people can be at the restaurant. It may be necessary to split people into two parties. Seeing as it is CompSoc's 10th birthday, alumni should be informed and invited if possible, so pepper will need to email them to see how many are interested. It needs to be held on a Friday or (preferably) Saturday so they can come. It will be held at the end of week 9.

*Action*: pepper to ring wing wahs
*Action*: pepper to email alumni to gauge interest
*Action*: pepper to make event on the website for the social

h3. Clothing Order

Connorhd will look into changing the logo and the design of the clothes.

h3. AOB

Mulletron will finish the tournament page on the website.
Mulletron wants to bring gamecubes to gaming. He will get back to us when he has more info.
The Street Fighter 4 disc has been scratched. We need to buy 2 more disks, and make sure the xbox360 is laid down when in use and discs are not in it when the xbox is moved.

*Action*: Monk to buy SF4