Holiday Minutes

Posted on 1st October 2009, Categories: Meeting Minutes

h2. Present

Mogmiester, pepper, Sinjo, monk, Connorhd, Trip, Dirtus, bakaidiot_

h3. Apologies


h2. Minutes

h3. Publicity

The flyers are very good, thank you Trip for all the effort you put into them! However, the poster is ok to go in DCS but not for the freshers fair.
Need to make a suitable logo to use as branding, and Monk needs to update the website to use it.
Trip needs to make a banner.
Connorhd needs to make a poster.

h3. Freshers fair

Monk will put up a google doc, and exec need to signup for it.
xbox360 will be taken on the non academic day. The cable needs to be tested, and Sinjo and monk need to bring screens.
Connorhd will spearhead making a slideshow for the academic day.
Monk will sort out the freebies. Ideally they should be individually wrapped, because of freshers flu and whatnot.

h3. LANs

Estel needs to confirm room bookings.

h3. Freshers social

Monday of week 2, 6:00-6:30 as close to DCS as possible. Pepper will move pub back

h3. Alton Towers

Pepper will send an email