Meeting Minnits 2019-10-01

Posted on 1st October 2019

Meeting Minnits:

In attendance: Everyone is Here!

Absent: Rob


  • Semmle is no longer an independent company, may be retiring the name, and as such not sponsoring us, probably
  • LSEG failing to communicate
    • Moved talk to Wednesday 6th November

Fresher LAN:

  • 49 signups for lan so far, mostly freshers!
  • e-sports to advertise
  • advertise at Gaming
  • We need a new hoover, lets buy a new hoover
    • John to buy a hoover, as the resident hoover expert
    • possibly diefy the hoover during LAN
    • cordless hoover? If budget allows
  • Coach's Bizarre Adventure
    • Need to communicate w/ Coach about LAN prep
    • David B. to chase him
    • Inquire about tournaments
    • current plans:
      • rocket league (saturday),
      • league of legends (sunday),
      • csgo (possibly friday?),
      • overwatch never lul
  • Events planning packs are gone! [crab]
  • No Music Server for this one. :(
    • further discussion at next meeting, decision must be made
  • Exec to fill out exec rota


  • Went well!
  • Decent turn-out
  • Steam issues, not our problem
  • Thomas Was Alone dependencies may circumvent Steam issues!


  • Toby done some cleaning up of 'old junk'
  • cleanup -> start dcs-get -> start gaming-get
    • this is run in alphabetical order for some reason
  • to implement:
    • vive signup list
    • a sort button (alphabetical, most popular, ect.)
    • should collect statistics on what games are downloaded
      • no gdpr issues due to complete lack of identifying information
  • Added:
    • Besiege

Vive Index:

  • David B. has done research
    • Index probably the best option
    • more expensive by like £100
    • not wireless compatible for now
      • not much of an issue for the exec
    • grip controls are fancy
    • Big O PC will require no upgrades, but will probably be updated soon
    • ~£920 price point overall
      • Exec in unanimous agreement
      • use SU credit card?
      • required to be delivered to the SU, may mean not available in time for next Gaming
      • Toby or Sam to liase with the SU


  • Not much change in plans
  • chemsoc has shared boardgames
    • acquire giant jenga for LAN?

Special Guest, Lloyd from Anime Soc:

  • laserquest is happening, liasing with Scott


  • Toby to acquire a liscence
  • Amelie to also acquire one too
    • No hard and fast plans, possibly term 2

Academic events:

  • Wednesday 9th October for Git Talk
  • Sam and Dan to discuss
  • Provisional talk for week 4
  • LSEG week 6
  • Alex Dixon week 8
  • Week 10 TBD
  • G-Research coding challenge on 28th october
  • minihack 18th of November

Clothing Order:

  • lets do one!
  • not yet though. couple weeks from now
  • Ryan, resident clothes expert, to handle

The bloody cupboard:

  • Sam still liasing about that god why are warwicktech taking so long


  • Went well
  • projector found! wasn't lost to begin with. marrow soc to borrow
  • Year 2000 meeting notes
    • Ryan to consider digitising old meeting notes
    • what *is* the bitchtank?

3D printer:

  • Rigid Ink not accepted by new MMU
    • to be donated to Alex Dixon
  • Silver filament to be tested
  • Need to aquire filament (MMU can handle 5 at once!)
    • probably black, white, red, blue, green
    • acquire a number of sample filaments
    • light grey for painting on
  • printing a goose
    • honk
  • David R. to add utilities to Apollo relating to the 3d printer
    • database of filaments
    • estimation of filament use, and cost (NOT A QUOTATION)
  • Need to find a home for it other than David R.'s house


  • Sam to track down sony tv remote with IT Services


"Bagged ones are better suction" - John