Minnits - 17 October 2001

Posted on 17th October 2001, Categories: Meeting Minutes

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 17 October 2001

h4. Present

* Jake Staines
* Chris Smith
* Alexis Birkhil
* James Ross
* Richard Colfer
* Tom Cropper
* Henry Southgate
* Tom Ward

h4. 1st Social

The first social took place in South Central the night preceding this execeutive meeting. Well, the word ``social'' should be applied in the loosest sense, as the turnout was low, when compared to last year.

Next year, the secretary will send the e-mail out earlier.

Of all the members there, they were interested in the Open Source project, gaming, and the tutorials.

h4. LAN

Lan signups were filled extremely quickly, and the waiting list is currently five long.

We're gonna try and get around this situation by asking if anyone has laptops. For every two laptops that are gonna be brought, we'll allow one more PC. Becuase laptops consume exactly 0 watts of power.

Tom has sent the booking form in; at the time of writing, a pseudo-confirmation had been received.

Jake to talk to AnimeSoc about borrowing their projector.

h4. LaserQuest

We've got an approximate number of 15-20 people. Nutsy to take this to the nice people in Coventry and tell them to reserve us an arena.

We'll meet up at 2:00 for 2:30 in Rootes Reception, and busses will be taken because cars are Anti-Social, and we all know how Alexis drives.

Alexis wants to be put on the signup list for LaserQuest and the LAN, along with Nick & James.

h4. Campus Gaming

Chris Smith mentioned that at the moment, gaming in halls is pretty disparate, because people can't accept incoming connections, and can't get organised. We can do something to fill this.

The first thing we should do is get Molotov set up as a game/IRC server. This would be an easily accessible point for people to meet and frag.

Another idea is to have a physical time and place that hall gamers meet, to chat and do stuff. This could potentially be another Compsoc social.

This would be followed up by a standard gaming time - e.g. 10:00 every evening. We could potentially develop an inter-hall gaming league.

h4. Molotov

Henry has mailed Richard Bragg twice about replacing the server; he has forwarded the mail to Chris Tilbury, on whom we are waiting.

Aside from that, the server is ready to go.

h5. Apps

The following apps are required:

* CounterStrike: Alexis
* UnrealTournament: H/Jake
* Quake: Henry
* Quake3: Henry
* CSDoom: Henry
* Distrubted.net: Henry

h4. Tom Ward

Tom has now been added to the spam list, so he can find out what kind of fluff is growing in each exec member's toenails. Because that's what we discuss on the mailing list.

He also has all the passwords now.

h4. Fish

Alexis to find out if we can get Chris Salmon back to do a presnetation as a Professional Java Developer. We'll have to foot Chris's bills; will the soc have to do this, or will the Union?

Potentially we would like Chris back on the Sunday of week four. The tutorials would have to be condensed into one two-hour session. This will be extremely challenging, particularly as the first tutorial was packed with information for an entire hour.

Less twenty-five minutes.

h4. Tutorials

Swing will hopefully be held Sunday of Week 4. PHP and HTML back end of Term 1.

Jake Staines and James Ross to merge timetables and find a good time for both 2nd and 3rd year CS.

h4. Open Source Project

The Open Source project will recommence at 6:00 on Sunday Evenings. Tom Cropper to make a block booking.

h4. Signups

The current signup reigime will involve members e-mail compsoc@warwick.ac.uk with the subject ``SIGNUP:''.

h4. Website

Signups will be the first thing done; currently the entire thing is static.

h4. Bookshop

The current state of the bookshop is that the main part works, but the reviews section is a little dodgy. Considering BookshopV1 had no reviews section however, this is extremely good. Thankfully, the bookshop was not lost when Molotov's hard disk died.

h4. CAT5

CAT5 cable will be sold at 50p base, and then 50p per metre upto and including 10m. After 10m, the rate will be 40p per metre.

h4. Sierra Leone

The details about the Sierra Leone project will be promoted to members in the newsletter.

h4. Finance

Some people are owed some money by the union.

* Chris Smith: £200 - Molotov.
* Jake Staines: £95 - Photocopying, CAT5 stuff. Jake will make the
* money back off the CAT5 cable then hand it over to Compsoc.
* Henry: £55 - Heatsink and Case for Molotov

All persons have the receipts, but will wait until the capital budget form has been dealt with before handing them in.

h4. Next meeting

Will be at 7:00 on Staturday 27 October.