Posted on 23rd April 2012, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Minutes - with guest Secretary MrWilson

h2. Present:

Dirtus, Cranman, Agaeki, Moltenfire, MikeCobra, Murtag, zed0, ruth, MrWilson, James

h2. Minutes

-James and MrWilson have had haircuts.
-James baked some bread and showed us pictures. The exec were in awe.
-James doesn't want to drive a train when he's older

h3. The Durham Situation

-Some kind of collaborative programming competition
-What? Irc bots, programming language design, game AI (defcon was mentioned).
-How? Communication through IRC, source sharing through github.
*ACTION*: Ruth to speak to Durham_Guy

h3. Bletchley

-Everything seems to be going according to plan.
-Provisional charge of £3 per person.
*ACTION*: zed0 to send e-mail nownow
*ACTION*: zed0 to advertise Bletchley Trip in DCS

h3. Starcraft

-Advertisement: Free stuff from companies was suggested
-< agaeki> Apart from blizzard
-Varying amounts of money spent on top prizes (£50,£25,£15,£10 was suggested)
-Registration event in DCS at gaming, marketed as a "Launch Event" in which Starcraft is played.
*ACTION*: Ruth to send out e-mails
*ACTION*: zed0 to make posters.

h3. MONEY MONEY MONEY (The Budget)

-Pretty much the same as last year.
-Events: 6 LANs, 1 IBM Trip, 1 Bletchley Trip, some amount of progcomps.
-Buying cool prize support for the tournaments - Starcraft, UkraineComp, etc.
-James' Raspberry Pi was in danger of being delivered on schedule, so has been set back another three weeks.
*ACTION*: Ruth to chase up IBM for sponsorship details
-JP Morgan wants their name on an event of some kind.

h3. Intermission

-Something about Pacman, I don't know.

h3. Inventory

*ACTION*: James to do inventory of Dijkstra_Cupboard and Backus_Cupboard on 24/04/2012 at 5pm.

h3. Grant Request

-< Moltenfire> "I can put in a request for money. We have over £4000, can we have £500 please?"

h3. IBM Things

-Summer progcomp: IBM are all like "No shiny prizes, but we're cool to be involved."
-Potential launch at BFL
-IBM's Get Hired event tentatively scheduled for Week 8 of Term 1.
*ACTION*: Ruth to speak to Yvonne

h3. Unruly Event

-Friday, Week 4, Room not booked yet.
-Post event meal in the Duck, followed by Gaming/XING
*ACTION*: Someone to speak to reception about putting it on the Boards
*ACTION*: Someone to speak to Jackie Pinks about spamming the undergrad mailinglist.

h3. LAN

-Week 2
-Exec to fill out Rota
*ACTION*: Someone to speak to Roger about trolley

h3. Other Business

-No Barcrafts this term, due to exams
-Possibility of screening events during ExamLAN in Lib 1.