Minutes 2017-10-12 (Term 1 Week 2)

Posted on 12th October 2017

Present: David I, David II, Sam, Brandon, Adam

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously. Especially Rob.


- Discussed possibility of circling as a society, would need to appoint a social sec ideally


- Waiting for SU to sort out BlackRock sponsorship money

- Want to buy a XBox One X when it comes out

  - Games for it: Forza 7 and Battlefront?


- Pub at 7pm for next three weeks due to first year timetable clash

Programming Workshops

- Expecting higher turnout this week - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on at cinema last week probably meant fewer came than would normally


- 20th November talk arranged on compilers from ex-member David Capp

- BBC talk from Candle some Wednesday 1-2pm (TBA)


- Brandon is standing down as Gaming President and Equal Ops

- EGM arranged for (probably) next Friday to re-elect those two positions

Fireside Gathering

- Look into arranging one! Maybe try to get our resident pro Joe Z-F onboard.


David - Send out email to CS students about Google talk

Sam - Ring phantom coach to reorganise booking for next few weeks

David - Restore our backup from Friday after "the incident"

Sam - Organise EGM (email SU)


Rob: "I'm no longer Russian but everything still hurts"