Minutes 2018-10-12

Posted on 15th October 2018, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Present :: David I, David II, Amelie, Toby, Rob, Ed, Sam

Absent :: Everyone else. Obviously.


- May require an EGΜ to elect new roles.

- Would like to elect a publicity officer.


- Have not bought duct tape yet, still to do.

- Have sent floor plans to estates, who are meeting today to discuss this.

- Are we concerned about signups? Maybe a little bit, we're at 60 signups one week into them. But this can be aided with additional advertising.

- Rob mentioned publicity by putting up an advertisement in the Student Cinema.

- People should fill in the LAℕ rota.

- LAN might start sooner than advertised, depending on what Estates' plans are.

- ESports have some swag to give away at LAN, including a chair.

- We'll be running Clippy as our music server for LAN.

Gaming and Programming

- No open day tomorrow, so we have the full time.

- Amelie won't be there for much of it though might swing by.

- Discussing plans for Programming Workshops

  - Sam brought up several points about their unworkability.

  - People want you to cater for several programming languages and are more interested about their tool of choice than "learning how to program".

  - It also feels quite teacher-student, it may be more desirable to have a more "clinic"-based approach to this in the future.

  - We can discuss this nearer next year, it's not all that feasible to incorporate changes at this point.



- Submitted ROI report to Deutsche Bank.

- We have an additional sponsor! Details TBC.


- Provisional date is the 1st-3rd of February, nice and early in term 2.

- We need to talk to Estates about the best place to host this.

- We want external attendees to be able to join us, so we need to bear that in mind.


- Pop! has been organised for Week 8.

- The End of Term meal (and Secret Santa) is organised for Week 10 Friday.

  - Will put up an event for this in due course.


People who haven't filled out the LAN rota - do that.

Sam - Start a clothing order