Minutes 2018-10-18

Posted on 19th October 2018, Categories: Meeting Minutes

- Present :: David I, David II, Toby, Amelie, Sam, Ed, Ryan

- Late :: ESam

- Absent :: Everyone else, obviously.


- Information posted to #exec this morning regarding power arrangements.

- New column on the LAN rota for signing up for an early slot. Please fill this in.

- LAN is now starting at 7pm, we have the time to set this up well in advance (we think, although this is the first time we're doing this).

- We have an update from ROG. We are confirmed to be getting 12 laptops for the first LAN.

  - David I to change the seating plan to make this clear.


- We have water dispensers now. So we can dispense water. We're going to ask people to bring their own cups/mugs. Sam's suggestion of buying many large plastic straws was summarily dismissed.

  - We want to buy some jugs to fill it up.

- We have our new switches as well.

- We also have our duct tape.

- We should buy some sweets. Wilkinson's has them cheaper than Amazon at the moment, so that's nice. We probably want to spend about £20 on them.


- Esports have a noblechair to give away as a part of their sponsorship package. They're going the same thing as BFL - raising money by selling raffle tickets.

- Esports have to do some trickery with the API because of GDPR apparently.

- Raffle not tied to some sort of event (like WASD), just a general thing running at LAN.

Clothing Order

- Sam will put this up in the next day or so.

- At this point in the meeting it was discovered that JP Morgan had free pizza in the Atrium, so the meeting was temporarily adjourned.


- Would like to publicise a calendar of these, as we have a few coming up in the near future.

- We have:

  - The GoCardless talk at the end of the month.

  - The LSEG talk, TBC.

  - The CTF on the 10th of November.

- We've been contacted by Warwick India Forum regarding a potential talk from the CTO of IBM. We've been asked if we want to collaborate with them on it. We don't really want to actually host it, but we'd certainly promote it as it would be interesting to our members.

- Let's re-investigate getting Tom Scott to do a talk.


- TPP should be sending us copy for the website at some point.

- We're finalising our new sponsor at the moment, more details TBA.


Sam - Put up events for the talks.