Minutes 23/11/2010

Posted on 23rd November 2010, Categories: Meeting Minutes

h2. Present:

MrWilson, Fyorl, TeamDoherty, SigmaD, Sinjo

h2. Minutes:

h3. LAN & stuff:

-Power: Check we’re using the correct socket in the computer suites.
-There should be a forum post for the gaming rota.
-The gaming rota was written on the board last LAN, but people were unaware/it was rubbed off.
-Kuros’ idea (hackthisbox) probably requires too much work to get done by next LAN(week 9).
-No LIB1 this LAN.
-We need to buy Duct Tape(5-6 rolls).
-Cranman bought this last time.
*Action*: Someone (cranman again?) to buy Duct Tape.
-Another Pizza order for LAN; deadline will be strict
-Table 4 might be necessary if the LAN gets busier, although the group from London may not be there.
-Shai needs a separate table for her computer.

h3. Academic:

-We have received posters for the IBM talk.
-MrWilson is going to the Print-shop to sort publicity.
*Action*: TeamDoherty to e-mail engineering again about advertising academic talks.
-A date has been set for the IBM Hursley trip.

h3. DDR(In relation to http://forums.uwcs.co.uk/viewtopic.php?id=15):

-Foam mats may be insufficient?
-Can bring things to gaming at own risk.
-Can be background music for Werewolf in the common room.

h3. Clothing Order:

-MrWilson wants to focus on academic stuff and not organise the clothing order.
-The society should pay for the cost of digitising the logo.
-Exec capes.
-’I want my cape to be Gold’ -MrWilson
-’Why not upgrade to a full suit of armour?’ - Sinjo

h3. Christmas Meal:

-Do we have a private booth again? -TeamDoherty
*Action*: SigmaD to send a Newsletter about this.

h3. Misc:

*Action*: Techteam to email societies about broken databases.
-’I’m not going to put Tinsel on the budget’-MrWilson
-’Linux will either have the driver and everything will be fine or it won’t and your life will be miserable’ - Sinjo
-’Linux doesn’t support happiness by default.’ - MrWilson