Minutes - 29th October 2014

Posted on 29th October 2014, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Present: veltas, marmite, maddy, hermit, zed0, mcnutty, rayhaan, robot

Next meeting: Wed 5th November, 1pm

h1. Marmite's Musings (title to be finalised)

-If Robot asks a stupid question, remind him of the power of Google. Compsoc members are encouraged to send him LMGTFY links - these are usually passe, but an exception has been sanctioned by the CompSoc Memelords.
-All Exec members have been reminded not to 'make it rain' with Society cash, even if they promise to put it all back afterwards.

h1. Academic

-Organise attending a Coventry BCS event

h1. Gaming

-Sensible gaming times
-Off campus room for LAN, take this off marmite
-Possible to rent gaming equipment from Multiplay
-Not currently interested in renting out LAN equipment to other societies
-Take more photos at LAN

h1. Tech

h1. Social

-1 hour secret santa not practicable

h1. Publicity

-Insomnia volunteering, XBOne Week 7 gaming choices for games in newsletter

h1. Misc

-IBM no longer sponsors, seek new sponsors and remove from site
-Mention on room booking applications if speakers are internal/external
-Risk assessment sheet
-Equality talk - drinking can be exclusionary; slurs, sexual harrassment and dressing in mocking costumes are to be strongly discouraged

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

h2. veltas

-organise academic event - programming comps
-contact curiositea, rename programming workshop to coding in curiositea?
-seek new sponsors
-send marmite minecraft admin cheat sheet

h2. maddy

-spooky LAN Halloween theme (Minecraft, L4D, music server)
-rewrite site frontpage description for rayhaan

h2. rayhaan

-reduce spam emails
-steam in DCS?
-colour coding for external events on site
-update site front page description to include gaming
-ask ITS for rack space
-revivify arora
-take IBM logo off site

h2. marmite

-include funny quotes in minutes
-clothing order
-risk assessment
-insomnia volunteering, xbone week 7 gaming choices for games in newsletter

h2. robot

-laserquest/cosmo wednesday week 8/9
-keep varsity booking and site events up to date

h2. mcnutty

-look into payment system for site
-be the hero LAN needs

h2. zed0

h2. hermit

-update society posters
-events on site news section
-facebook group
-take more LAN photos