Minutes 30/11/2010

Posted on 30th November 2010, Categories: Meeting Minutes

h2. Present:

TeamDoherty, MrWilson, Zed0, Cranman, Fyorl, Starspell, MikeCobra, Dirtus, SigmaD

h2. Minutes:

h3. LAN:

-There is a gaming timetable ready.
-SigmaD will put up a pizza order thread.
-LAN rota needs completing.
-LANCAM to arrive tomorrow.
-If someone is asleep, we’re not going to shake them to wake them up’ - MrWilson
-’If you fall asleep, human buckaroo could occur’ - cranman

h3. Christmas Meal:

-zx64 got scared by Tony.

h3. Academic talks:

-Bloomberg hasn’t provided contact details, so some talks may be cancelled.

h3. Post Exec Meeting Shopping trip to Homebase:

-We need supplies for LAN:
-Duct Tape.
-Power Reel.
-Cable covers.
-Can keep things in MrWilson’s house.

h3. Pub Socials:

-We will buy a tin of sweets for the staff at the Phantom Coach.
-’Thanks for not spitting in our food (we hope)’ - Dirtus

h3. Misc:

-Fyorl assures us codd is not making unusual noise.
-If Dijsktra is going to be at the WGD 48h competitions in the future, co-operation of both exec is required.
-Dirtus may pick a random day for a snowballing social.
-’If it doesn’t work on linux, there’s no point in running it.’ - MrWilson
-’You missing me isn’t going to affect whether I go abroad for my masters or not.’-MrWilson to TeamDoherty