Minutes - 3rd October 2014

Posted on 3rd October 2014, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Present: marmite, veltas, rayhaan, robot, maddy, hermit, murtag, zed0

h1. Academic

-Nextjump and shell talk

h1. Gaming

-Freestylegames - interested in opportunity
-Possible future discussion of another Gaming Officer
-Door duty at 1st gaming

h1. Tech


h1. Social

-Pub - temporary booking at Varsity, if not then Bar Fusion, Duck long term

h1. Publicity


h1. Misc

-Moving exec discussion to forums - summary on private forum (voted 3 for, 0 against, 3 abstained)
-Exec meeting time tbd sunday on IRC

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

-fill in doodle for exec meeting time
-Mention Nextjump and shell talks in CompSci lectures

h2. veltas

-confirm space in Dirty Duck for pub socials
-timetable XING & programming workshop, event on site
-Post exec discussion summary to new forum area

h2. maddy

h2. rayhaan

-reduce spam emails
-timetable XING & programming workshop, event on site
-prep shell talk, cheat sheets
-steam in DCS?
-Private forum area for exec discussion

h2. marmite

-finalise LAN bookings, check site events accurate
-keep up to date with minutes and actions

h2. robot

-confirm space in Dirty Duck for pub socials
-plan first gaming pizza order system
-Plan another freshers event, laserquest wednesday week 4
-Book Varsity for pub social, if not then Bar Fusion
-Contact Freestylegames to express interest, inform about WGD

h2. mcnutty

-free food at Nextjump talk

h2. hermit

-Nextjump, shell talk posters