Minutes - 8th October 2014

Posted on 8th October 2014, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Present: maddy, veltas, marmite, hermit, zed0, mcnutty, rayhaan, robot

Next meeting: Wed 15th October, 1pm

h1. Academic

-Reminder email for Nextjump to forward to CS students
-Reminder email for shell talk to society
-Another academic event week 4

h1. Gaming

-Freestylegames - event on campus 4th week
-Warcraft 3 on DCS PCs - Aurora to go back up
-DOTA tournament to be considered
-Sony CEO talk - advertise in newsletter, event on website, colour code?
-Spooky LAN Halloween theme - events, costumes, decorations

h1. Tech


h1. Social

-Pub - update events to Varsity, contact graduate bar
-Varsity vegetarian options

h1. Publicity

-Advertising gaming - Fun & leisure section of SU site, advert on Arts Centre screens, change website front page description, update posters

h1. Misc


h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

-Mention Nextjump and shell talks in CompSci lectures

h2. veltas

-contact SU to be added to fun & leisure section
-contact Varsity for vegetarian options on menu
-organise academic event week 4

h2. maddy

-put event up for Sony CEO talk
-spooky LAN Halloween theme

h2. rayhaan

-reduce spam emails
-steam in DCS?
-put Aurora back up
-colour coding for external events on site
-update site front page description to include gaming (ask Maddy?)

h2. marmite

-finalise LAN bookings, check site events accurate
-book Freestylegames room
-shell talk reminder email thursday

h2. robot

-plan another freshers event, laserquest wednesday week 4
-book Varsity for pub social, if not then Bar Fusion
-contact Freestylegames, arrange day/time week 4 for event, forward to marmite
-update site pub events to Varsity, book Varsity, contact graduate bar

h2. mcnutty

-reminder email for Nextjump to be forwarded to CS students

h2. zed0

-find account details for Arts Centre screens

h2. hermit

-Nextjump, shell talk posters
-update society posters