Minutes 9/11/10

Posted on 9th November 2010, Categories: Meeting Minutes

h2. Present:

MrWilson, Zed0, Kuros, Fyorl, Trip, Sinjo, Starspell, SigmaD, TeamDoherty

h2. Minutes:

h3. LAN:

-This Friday.
-MrWilson will sort out the trolley.
-We will take the X-Box/monitor to LAN.
-MrWilson will turn up with cupboard keys for the setup.
-TeamDoherty has sorted the game rota, which is ready to go.
-We should buy hazard tape for the LAN : MrWilson thinks it looks really cool.
-We need to restock Duct tape for the LAN.
-SigmaD will do a LAN pizza order
-There may be an unofficial beast order at LAN courtesy of Kuros.
-The LAN exec timetable is up, exec members should sign up.
-We probably don’t need to worry about tech rota as Faux is at LAN.

h3. Christmas Meal:

-Christmas meal has been booked.

h3. Academic Talks:

-IBM will provide publicity for their talk on the 17th of November.
-We should receive this through the post by Friday.
-We should take the banner to the academic talk.
-Order pizza for the academic talk.
-’Are there any vegans in the society?’ - MrWilson
-’Not anymore.’-Cranman

h3. Codd FS/DB:

-FS has been fixed.
-Repair needs running on some DBs.
-There is potential loss of data integrity for some societies' DBs

h3. Tech-team(Documentation/Training):

-Find victims for the new tech-team.
-Fyorl is still about.

h3. WGD:

-A user group that can add events to the website would be useful for WGD.
-WGD to use the Guitar Hero/X-box stuff tomorrow for their console social.

h3. Future LAN ideas:

-Kuros suggests a ‘hack this box’ type event for a LAN (Not this LAN)
-Maybe using Insomnia?
-There may exist a pre-made image for this.
-’There are no headshots in coding’-MrWilson

h3. Misc:

-MrWilson wants to run for an exec position next year, nobody knows if he can.
-Mahjong Society has 30 members.
-Race Condition: ‘Something has gone so badly wrong you have to use racist language’

h3. On Sports Societies:

-Sports clubs are really expensive.
-’And *then* they make you do exercise.’ - Fyorl.