Newsletter for 11 March 2003

Posted on 11th March 2003, Categories: Newsletter

Newsletter for 2003-11-03

h3. Newsletter for 11 March 2003

Hey everybody! It is with a heavy heart (and heavier workload) that I must bid you farewell with this, my final newsletter before handing over the reins to the new Computing Society Secretary. Let's see what we have in store for you this time...

# Comic Relief Counterstrike Tournament
# Elections results
# Perl & graphics tutorials
# Compsoc 'Shop'
# CAT5
# Guest lecture

h4. 1. Comic Relief Counterstrike Tournament

That's right; we have, as proud citizens of the world, undertaken our duty to raise money for our less well-off fellow man, with the happy byproduct of having a whole bunch of fun too! On Friday 14th March (Friday week 10) we are holding a CounterStrike tournament in ITS-011 and ITS-019 (the rooms under L3) with all proceeds going to Comic Relief. Entry is a mere £2 and we'll be kicking off at around 10pm, and it might be an idea to bring along some extra cash to bribe the admins for favourable server settings, team changes and the like. So if you want to help raise some money for charity, or just want to have a laugh playing some CounterStrike, come and join in!

h4. 2. Elections results

Elections were held on Saturday 24th February and I can happily announce the exec for the next year will be as follows:

* President: Phil Stoneman
* Vice-President: Sadiq Jaffer
* Treasurer: Christian Bates
* Secretary: Euan Macgregor
* Technical Officer: Richard Wilson
* Webmaster: David Buckley

I join the rest of the exec who are standing down this year in wishing them well!

h4. 3. Perl & graphics Tutorials

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I can announce that we are going to be running a small series of perl tutorials near the start of next term; to be run by our resident perl expert David Buckley, they'll be catering for all abilities, and should start around week 3 of next term. Also just a gentle reminder that the final graphics tutorial is being held on Wednesday 12 March, at 2pm in Meeting Room 1 (in Union North).

h4. 4.Compsoc Shop

And with a flourish the red tape was cut, and the shop was declared Open! Looking for that elusive coursebook you need? Can't find a particular cd you want? Pay a visit to our website with the new and improved Compsoc Shop, where you can purchase all manner of books, videos and DVDs. You'll be able to find just about anything you want in easily visible categories, so pay us a visit and check it out for yourself! Although the orders will be via Amazon, Compsoc will get a small rebate on the purchase, which can go towards providing even more and better services for you.

h4. 5. CAT5

As ever, our CAT5 cable service is available to all and sundry, and we still guarantee the best prices on campus.

Cable costs 50p base, + 50p per metre up to 10 metres, + 40p per metre over 10 metres.

e.g. 15 metres costs 50p + 10*50 + 5*40 = 7.50 pounds

h4. 6. Guest lecture

Just a little taster that we have a nice surprise lined up for you near the beginning of term 3: there should be a famous computing personality coming to the uni to give a talk about his experiences. We can guarantee that this will be worth attending! Watch this space!

And I guess that's it from me, once and for all. Take care, have a good Easter and don't work too hard.

David de la Motte
Secretary, University of Warwick Computing Society