Term 1 Week 2

Posted on 10th October 2009, Categories: Newsletter

Hello CompSoc!

First of all, a big welcome to all the new freshers! I hope that
you've had an action packed first week, without too many hangovers!
Hopefully you turned up to gaming yesterday, but if not then have no
fear, as it runs every Friday.

There will be a freshers social this Monday, which you should come
along to and meet the exec, after which those that are interested will
be able to walk to the pub with us to have a bite to eat, chat to
current members, and possibly have a pint.

We will be heading over to Alton Towers to celebrate Halloween, and
there are still a few spaces left. We will be providing transport to
and from campus via coach. Including the tickets to get in we have got
a price estimate of £20-£30. Once we have confirmed the numbers we can
confirm the pricing, so please sign up as soon as possible. Signups
close Sunday 18th October. Considering Alton Towers is £37 for a
ticket on the day, you will not be getting a better deal! Head over to
http://uwcs.co.uk/events/details/1093 for more information.

This week's events
Fresher's Social on Mon, 12th October

Pub Social on Mon, 12th October

Pre-Gaming Social on Fri, 16th October

Gaming Session on Fri, 16th October

Chatting with us
We also recommend you connect to our IRC network so you can chat to our
members a bit and get to know them.

Find out more at: http://uwcs.co.uk/cms/about/services/irc/

Web Hosting
If you're interested in hosting, you'll want to go to http://uwcs.co.uk/member/
and fill in the request form for a shell account. You'll need to make a separate
request for database account (a MySQL account) if any of your sites
use that (for example WordPress).

Further Info
If you have any other questions, http://uwcs.co.uk/cms/about/faq/ is a
good place to start, and you can always drop us a line at
We hope to see you at one of our many socials or online.

Matt Alves (Mogmiester)